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The Seahawks (4-2-1) weren’t happy with the officiating during their loss to the Saints. However, the whining about the officiating did not overshadow the Seahawks offensive woes. The stagnant offense has produced one touchdown in the past two games.The Bills (4-4) were rampaging across the NFL during their four-game win streak. However three of those wins occurred against the Tom Brady-less New England Patriots, the  Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers. Since then, they have lost to Miami and were routed by the Brady-led Patriots in Week 8.

Buffalo was a surprise team in the early-going, jumping out to a 4-2 record with wins over Arizona and an injured New England team, but has seemingly settled back to Earth with big back-to-back losses.Through the air, quarterback Russell Wilson has struggled finding the end zone, and just one game before the mid-way point in the season has just five touchdown throws. Last season he recorded 34.